And we’re back!

i shoot bands started back sometime around 2005 as a place to share out the photos I’d been taking at shows over the years. A few years later, after having all of my sites hacked and a lot of other stuff on my plate, I let i shoot bands fizzle out. When I started thinking about trying to revive some of my old projects, I discovered someone had bought up the old domain and was sitting on it for $2,000+.

So now it’s back as i shot bands. Which may be more appropriate since I rarely go to shows anymore – and am not likely to take any photos when I do.

I’m excited to be bringing it back. It’ll be a slow process. There are so many photos to sift through that were never organized. But they’re full of memories of great people and places.

Anyone who remembers the old site will probably notice that this new one is really different – hopefully better! And there are more changes to come. In the long run, I’d like for this to be able to house photos from other folks as well. But it’ll take awhile to get that integrated.

If you notice any bands or venues marked as “unknown” and you can help identify them, please let me know! Apologies to my friends for spacing out on some of the details – there are a lot that I think I know but don’t want to put the wrong info in.